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Dale Hollow Tackle

DHT Tangle Free Line Dressing

DHT Tangle Free Line Dressing

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Monofilament  or braided line, when manufactured, is left with a micro finish.  This finish soon wears off leaving a stiffer core, resulting in line memory that causes the line to curl, twist, or loop.  This increases "frictional drag".  Frictional drag, when casting, not only reduces line distance but causes back lashing or bird nesting.

Tangle Free is manufactured to "refinish" your line with a lubricant that reduces line memory and frictional drag, rejuvenating old line, allowing greater distance, and reducing backlash.

Aware of environmental concerns, Tangle Free is "environmentally friendly".  All Tangle Free products are completely biodegradable and odorless and manufactured in the U.S.A.

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